Major construction sites, especially within the City of London, require a different approach. The management of traffic - both human and vehicular -site security, site safety and temporary services is a step beyond the traditional multi-service gang. We believe that the management of these elements is imperative to the success of any site, irrespective of size.

Doveguard Logistics was established in order to provide an effective solution to these problems, working closely with the project team to achieve maximum productivity whilst maintaining a safe site.

    Doveguard Logistics use “Biometric Access Controls” on sites which further assures the Client through:
  • Monitoring “Real Time” attendance on the site or sites.
  • Ensure health & safety compliance of employees and contractors across all sites
  • Ensue you have a complete, integrity backed access control solution from the start to the end of the project.
    Lion Plaza, the facts:
  • 16,000 people walk past the site every hour
  • Single site access
  • Retention of existing listed interiors together with retained facades
  • Monitoring regimes -movement, noise, dust and vibration